create your own book

Create your own book

Creating your own book is not as hard as it may look. If you really want to create your own book, it is simply a matter of getting organised and working at it.

Books have always existed as a medium of transferring information for hundreds of years. Even with the high adaptability of internet, books are still known as the best source to acquire reliable and accurate information. Writing a book also gives credibility to the author and positions him or her as an expert in their field. Many people dream of writing their own book, but always procrastinate because it appears to be a daunting task. Here is a 3 step plan that you can start immediately to write your own book.

1. Do the outline
This is the most critical step in the process. Always start out with a highly detailed outline. The more detailed your outline is, the less time it will take you to complete the book. First, write headlines for 10 to 14 chapters in the book. Organize them according to the right order. Then create sub-headlines and sub-sections for each of the chapters. Do not be concerned at this stage about the number of pages or actual content.

2. Get time
After you have a detailed outline prepared, then it you can start writing. However, before that, you must schedule time each day to complete this task. Take out your calendar and block off an hour or two just to write. Then discipline yourself to write some content, whether you feel like it or not. After few days, you will get the momentum going, and soon you will start enjoying this process. Without the right plans and schedules, you will get distracted by various temptations that come to you every day.

3. Don’t re-write
When you are writing content for your book, do not be concerned about grammar, spelling, and formatting. Of course, they are essential parts of a good book. But if you need your book is written within days and not years, concentrate on getting your content right. If you are using a word processing software, turn off the grammar and spelling indicators. That will help you to keep the focus on the actual subject that you are writing on. After you have Financing the Publication. You should think about how to finance the publication at a very early stage but to do this you should know what book you are going to write and publish and you should know if you have a good chance of getting sponsorship.

The Title of your book
The success of your book will depend to a degree on your title. Sometimes the subject matter dictates the title you will use. For example, if your book is about the brave firemen from the UK then your title must reflect that with something like UK’s Fire Heroes or The Fire Heroes of UK. Again if , your book is about mice then Mice might not encourage anyone to buy it but something like The tiniest of creatures – Friend or Foe? Might encourage someone to pick it up and open it. Spend some time choosing the Title of your Book. Make a list of possible titles with variations. Check all of those on the internet to see if a similar book exists before you create your own book.