What You Need To Know About Self Publishing

Traditionally, publishing a book has entailed an intricate process that involved a publishing deal and a long, strenuous, and often protracted publishing process. The intricate processes involved in publishing a book with a major publishing company makes it virtually impossible for everyone looking to publish a book to get a deal, the quality of their work notwithstanding. As such, the tradition status quo has been that many writers end up with little to no publishing opportunities.

However, the development of technology in the publishing realm has decentralised the publishing process. Today, self publishing is more common across the globe. In fact, this kind of publishing is the typical publishing process for all independent writers seeking to disseminate their work to the masses.

The UK is a leader in providing writers with opportunities for self-publishing their work. Companies such as Type & Tell are making using of technology to provide UK writer with the opportunity to publish their work, while at the same time retaining high-quality standards that are required and expected of any published book. In effect, these services turn any writer to a published author. More importantly, the service provides individual writers with the opportunity and capacity to take full control of their book, right from the creative process to publishing process.

However, as you might appreciate, the performance of a book is heavily influenced by the quality of the publishing process. It is thus important to ensure that every step you take while you self-publish should be underpinned by the need to provide a high-quality book to your audience. More importantly, the self publishing service should render the full range of requisite publishing services in a simple and easy to master format. In this regard, a high-quality self publishing service should have the following services:

Expert Editorial Service: A high-quality service is one which provides writers with the editorial services. In this regard, the service should provide the opportunity to receive professional editorial services who can guide writers on issues such as plot development, narrative pace, etc.

Book Design: The service should also provide services focusing on the book design. Of interest in this matter are issues of typeset, book format, and the design of the cover. Just because you are self-publishing, does not mean you have to compromise of the aesthetics of the book.

Marketing: A good self-publishing service should offer marketing services. The performance of a book is heavily reliant on getting people interesting in the book even before it is published. As such, the service should entail some kind of marketing service.

Publication: Once every aspect of the book is complete and the book is ready for the market, the final bit of self-publishing experience involves the legal deposit, where a copy of your book is made available to the British Library and attaining the ISBN code for your book.

Thereafter, your service provider should offer publishing packages for writers to choose the best that suit their needs. Having chosen a publishing package, the remaining bit is to get the book to the market either through physically published books, eBooks or through both.